About us

Our Story

For the founder, Mr. Zhu, nothing beats a cup of tasty bubble tea to lift up the mood! It is not only the delicious and fresh taste but also the memories he connects with the famous Asian drink that makes bubble tea so special! No wonder when the opportunity offered for a new business, he instantly had a concept in his mind. It was long before a clear business plan was drawn up. His brainstorming took him back to his student years, when he spent an exchange semester in Hongkong. The irresistible taste and huge variety of bubble teas he tried, the bubble waffles (aka egg waffles in HK) he grabbed round the corner of the student dormitory, the little Asian sweet delights he enjoyed and the romantic dates he spent with his ex-girlfriend and now-wife – all sweet memories he wishes to share with the customers.

A new business emerged: a Bubble Tea & Asian Desserts Shop!

The first shop in the shopping center Murpark opened on the 29th March 2021 and the deliciousness instantly won over a steady customer base and is appealing to customers of every age groups. The founder is certain: wherever you are, whatever age-group you belong to, whatever sweet delights you crave for, Boba’s high-quality drinks and desserts are the perfect choice.

Boba’s secret of success?

There are no secret recipes, the quality speaks for itself. Boba only uses the juiciest and freshest of the ingredients to be found in the market and is keen on improving further.

Come and enjoy a drink or/and a little sweet treat on your shopping trip in a relaxing atmosphere. Boba is the right place!